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There are a wide variety of options in open pedagogy, from common web tools, to open online courses and even open online projects. Open pedagogy encourages educators to consider blended learning opportunities and integration of technology into all curriculum. Open pedagogy also promotes collaboration within communities of learning and alternative methods of learning like inquiry based projects. open pedagogy engage and connects learners with people outside classroom destroying the idea that only "teachers" can teach and encourages the idea that it takes a village to teach a child.
Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some examples of open pedagogy?
  2. What is the importance of social media in open pedagogy?
  3. What are the key factors needed to integrate open pedagogy into our classrooms?

The Open Classroom Model - by Verena Roberts
Open Learning Characteristics:...
Everyone there to learn together (no hierarchy)
Teachers encouraged to connect with learners
"Nodes" (Digital Learning areas) to interact and connect with others outside of “regular” instruction
Flipped Learning – Multimedia - UDL
Content given in Digital Format
Choice of Activities/Task – INQUIRY Based Learning
Activities presented in open forum for feedback
Competency Based Assessment/Badges/Dual Credit
All activities presented using social media

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How to Become an Open Learner:


  • Become a Connected Educator
  • Encourage your students to become, “Connected Learners” – Start learning with them
  • Learn about social media – get on twitter and follow people
  • Read other people’s blogs, start to create your own
  • Join an Online Community like Classroom 2.0

  • 1.Start to link posts and answer the people you follow on twitter. Create a Storify about your conversation and share it.
  • 2.Reply to people’s blogs, twitter questions and in discussion posts in open educational communities
  • 3.Think about your Digital Identity Online – and how to help and support others
  • 4.Participate in open projects like Flat Classroom or collaborate with another class on skype or on a blog/Wiki


Open Online Options:

Starting Places:


Solid Open Platforms:

Blogs and Wikis


Open LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Canvas, Coursesites, Google CourseMaker, and...P2PU