The Open Classroom Model

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Connect: *Exploring Social Media and Web 2.0 Tools with Walls*

Michelle Baldwin's Blog
David Truss - Blog
Rodd Lucier- Blog
Richard Byrne - Blog
George Couros - Blog
Silvia Tolisano - Blog
Laurie Renton - Blog

Collaborate:* People have to be able to comment or respond to your work*

  • Start to link posts and answer the people you follow on twitter. Create a Storify about your conversation and share it.
  • Reply to people’s blogs, twitter questions and in discussion posts in open educational communities
  • Think about your Digital Identity Online – and how to help and support others
  • Participate in open projects like Flat Classroom or collaborate with another class on skype or on a blog/Wiki

Key Resources:
Voicethreads - ResearchVoicethreads - Examples#BeyondFacebook12 Example for Storify

Create:*You are using digital tools and social media options to create new learning***

Open Courses
Open Projects
Open Interactions
OC Projects
  • Robotics
  • Macbeth Module
  • FMNI Voicethread
  • Carnaval Project - Languages
The goal is that you transition from one stage to the next, but all three stages are met throughout a course, school year or project depending on the level of the students.

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